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 Olga Reukova

Olga Reukova

Art Meets Science

Scientific artists or artistic scientists?

By: Olga Reukova Instagram: @Science_art_nature


1) Olga, would you say you are an artist first and a scientist second, or a scientist first and an artist second? 


I'm an artist first and this is it :-) My husband is scientist and many of my friends for whom I create scientific illustrations. And I work on th BioEngineering department so I'm let's say a "near-scientist"  


2) What led you to pick science as your theme?

I love to create scientific illustrations -- it's the whole world in there. And sometimes it's not enough to KNOW how something looks (because it can be a concept or something without actual look) -- you need to IMAGINE it and figure out how to do it in 3Ds Max :-)


3) Do you have goals with what you do like educate, inspire, stimulate curiosity, or do you do it for yourself?

I would love to see more of my illustrations in scientific journals, on covers and in articles. 


4) What aspect of science do you focus on?

Love to work with nanoparticles, molecular systems, organic cells.


5)What kind of media do you prefer? 

For scientific illustrations I use 3DsMax and Adobe Photoshop


6) What is your favorite piece?


7) Do you sale your art? Do you take commissions? Do you have etsy store, or other social media accounts you show art on?

Yes, I take commissions :-) Instagram: @Science_art_nature


8) Where are you from

I was born in Moscow, Russia

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