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Oshrat Ben-Hamo

Oshrat Ben-Hamo


Art Meets Science

Scientific artists or artistic scientists?

By: Oshrat Ben-Hamo Instagram:

My moto is “science without compassion is ignorant”


1) Oshrat, would you say you are an artist first and a scientist second, or a scientist first and an artist second? 

I was always drawn to science and arts. It was difficult for me to decide whether to study science or art in the academy, but my love for the science won. During the first academic degree, I realized that I can do both. Though I never studied art, I sometimes participate in drawing class. I make scientific inspired art in my free time and it feels right this way.


2.) What led you to science as your primary theme?

Doing science is stronger than me, science is the first and ultimate love of my life and the art is an expression of this love. I have endless curiosity and I have always loved to learn, especially biology and related science.     


3.)  Do you have goals with what you do like educate, inspire, stimulate curiosity, or do you do it for yourself?

My secret wish is that my works will inspire people to choose a scientific career, or at least get to be more familiar with the scientific world. The world needs more great minds to make a change in these hard times of climate-change, mass extinction and environment loss due to humanity choices. I hope that more scientists will join activism and fight the expected catastrophes according to the predictions, signed by 15,000 scientists, including myself ( Two years ago, I decided to become an activist against climate-change and the cruelty of the livestock industry. I also promote plant based diet and fight the air-pollution in my home town. In the upcoming two weeks, I will host a new scientific radio show named ‘aware science’ which will give place to scientists that their work is for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.


4.) What aspect of science do you focus on?

I love all aspects of biology, especially molecular and Immunology. My current research deals with the molecular aspects of aging, using an amazing model-animal, named Botryllus schlosseri. It is a marine colonial animal, tiny (1 mm each individual) yet highly sophisticated. Still, only about three labs study it. I wish to promote this unique organism via my research and to the public via the social media.  


5.) What kind of media do you prefer?

Nowadays I mostly use acrylic paints, and hope to use other media in the future. Once, while working in the lab with the pipette, I realized its potential to be a drawing tool. I managed to receive a few old and out of order pipettes, and in time developed a painting technique (exampled in ‘Histology section’ painting).


6.) What are. your favorite pieces? (ATTACHED BELOW)

A. The new weekly radio show ‘aware science’ hosted by me. Photograph by: Elad Shaver

B. ‘Biology life’ painting

C. ‘Air pollution and climate-change’ painting

7.) Do you sale your art? Do you take commissions? Do you have etsy store, or other social media accounts you show art on? If so how would people contact you to talk about these things?

I sell my art, though didn’t open any store (I shall find time for this). If interested, please contact me via

8.) Where are you from?

I am from Haifa, Israel.  


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Austin Montero

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