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Meriame Berboucha Mixtape Podcast

Meriame Berboucha Mixtape Podcast

Art Meets Science

Scientific artists or artistic scientists?

By: Meriame Berboucha Instagram: @Meriameberboucha @ScienceMixtape


1.) Meriame, would you say you are an artist first and a scientist second, or a scientist first and an artist second? 

This is a tough question because my first aspiration in life was to become an artist, so I think I’m an artist at heart who saw the beauty of science. It is this inner artist in me that gives me the drive to get creative and do science communication in all its forms. Science communication for me is a creative outlet where I get to share science in a creative way.

As a kid, I always loved drawing and painting. Whenever I went out I always brought my art supplies with me and a notepad for my drawings. I’ve always loved art and as I got older and got further into school I started to see the beauty of the world not only as an art piece but now with scientific detail. Physics helps explain why the sky is blue and why sunsets are red. There is beauty all around us and for me, physics gives me another way of seeing the world and how incredibly beautiful it is on a deeper level.

As part of my side hustle, alongside my masters, I write articles for Forbes Magazine, I share my daily physics life on social media and I produce and present Science Mixtape, a radio show and podcast based in London.


2.) What led you to pick science as your theme?

To me, science is such a wonderful thing, you get to learn so many AWESOME things about the world, the Universe you live in and it’s just beautiful. There are so many scientists out there doing incredible things and being able to talk about their work is a blessing.


3.) Do you have goals with what you do like educate, inspire, stimulate curiosity, or do you do it for yourself?

I think my main aim is just to get science out there, with emphasis on getting the younger generation exposed to different areas of science. For instance, in my old school, most students didn’t know about the career options available after a physics degree, so being able to share the jobs of physicists would be awesome. It will help students who may not have great career events see where different degrees, like physics, could take them.


4.) What aspect of science do you focus on?

Science Mixtape focuses on sharing the science that our guests are doing and we aim to do it through conversation as well as live experiments on air. Most guests will bring a demo that they’d like to do on air which relates to their work and that our listeners can do at home. I think this is a great way of engaging with our listeners. We also do a brainteaser which is a question or riddle that our listeners need to solve and they can contact us via social media and give them a shout out if they’ve got it right.


5.) What kind of media do you prefer? 

I’m part of Science Mixtape which is a podcast and radio show on Soho Radio which aims to get the stories of different STEMists out there! I produce and present for Science Mixtape along with Matilda Hay, Kyle Major and Louise McGovern and Ciara Mulhern, offers this opportunity to share science with others. We air our show on Soho Radio every other Saturday at 12 and then post it as a podcast for others to hear in case they missed it on our live show.

As I mentioned earlier, we record the live show and then post it as a podcast. We want to keep the show as natural as possible so the only editing we do with the show is to cut the songs played on the show down to half a minute because of copyright reasons. We also have pre-recorded jingles that we play for certain segments on the show so these are played by the producer during the show.


6.) Do you sale your art? Do you take commissions? Do you have etsy store, or other social media accounts you show art on? If so how would people contact you to talk about these things?

You can find the Science Mixtape podcast on all common podcast providers like iTunes, SoundCloud and Audioboom. We are also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you can follow our updates on there and get in contact with us there!  


7.) Where are you from?

I’m based at Imperial College in London, but I am currently in California in the U.S. carrying out my masters in research (MRes) project at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

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