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Ayahuasca, an Ancient Psychedelic Brew May help you Grow New Brain Cells FUCK YEAH!

Ayahuasca, an Ancient Psychedelic Brew May help you Grow New Brain Cells FUCK YEAH!

Traditionally the scientific community thought there was no way we can produce new neurons in the brain of adults. Now we know our brains do produce new neurons (neurogenesis) and this occurs in the Hippocampus-the region of the brain associated with memory. For ailments like dementia and Alzheimer's, it is thought these brains aren't able to replace neurons as fast as they are being destroyed. A study published in the Scientific Reports by Beckley/Sant Pau Research Programme in 2016 found that if you lost some brain cells, there may still be hope.

Have you knocked your noggin a few too many times? Maybe you are a part of the weird breed that likes to inhale gases like Nitrous oxide? Do you live and breathe? Well your brain cells are dieing bro, now what do we do about it? 

The Beckley/Sant Pau Research Programme found that isolated compounds from the medicinal brew ayahuasca stimulate the birth of neurons. 



Ayahuasca has been used traditionally in Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru where it is also known as daime, natema, hoasca, yajé, or yagé. This special brew is prepared by boiling two admixture plants, the Banisteriopsis caapi (Malpighiaceae) containing β-carboline type alkaloids such as tetrahydroharmine and harmine; and most commonly Psychotria viridis (Rubiaceae), which supplies the psychoactive alkaloid DMT simultaneously.

You should be impressed that people from from two different continents found plant species that not only contained these ingredients but somehow figured out if you put them together you enact this brew of psychoactive possibilities.

Ayahuasca= AYA=Soul in Quechua Wasca (HUASCA)= Vine or Rope

“Vine of the Soul” In this translations but there are others such as “Rope of death.”



The study isolated compounds of the brew- harmine and tetrahydroharmine. These two alkaloids are the most prevalent in the brew. Scientists then took hippocampal stem cells in a petri dish and exposed them to these alkaloids. The stem cells responded with a significant rate increase to becoming fully mature neurons. 


It means that we can induce neuron maturation which can help people that suffer from cognitive disorders as well as people that have suffered from brain trauma and stroke. 


Image Gallery by: The Beckley/Sant Pau Research Programme of neurogenesis in vitro. Click the image to filter through the full gallery!


I found one study of 6 volunteers. The purpose was to see the effects and assess the safety of Ayuasca on individuals with mood disorders in hopes of carrying out a larger study in the future. They stated, “Our results suggest that ayahuasca may have fast-acting and sustained antidepressive properties. These results should be replicated in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.”

Check that abstract out here!



MAPS is an organization that studies psychedelics for therapeutic uses. MAPS= Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelics. I found a study they had done into this. They concluded the following, "This form of ayahuasca-assisted therapy appears to be associated with statistically significant improvements in several factors related to problematic substance use among a rural aboriginal population. These findings suggest participants may have experienced positive psychological and behavioral changes in response to this therapeutic approach, and that more rigorous research of ayahuasca-assisted therapy for problematic substance use is warranted.” Link for full paper below. Also if MAPS fascinates you as it does me, the founder Rick Doblin has some awesome podcasts with The Powerful Joe Rogan.

JRE Episodes with Rick Doblin from MAPS.

Episode 371:


Episode 782:


The Rest of the Sources:

Photo by baramee2554/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by baramee2554/iStock / Getty Images

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