Fuck YOU Tumor, I see you Bitch! Michael Harbell is leading the charge against Tumors!

This AWESOME shot is by my friend Michael Harbell. He works in a lab out of SF. Check him out on Instagram: Mister_Kemist

Mike grows and plates tumor cell lines. He then crosslinks the proteins with formaldehyde to freeze them in time and permeate the membrane w/ detergents. This is done so when he adds antibodies they can get anywhere inside or out of the cell to find its antigen. The reason for that is that cells in vitro act differently than in a tumor. the tumor microenvironment is full of cytokines and immune cells excreting signaling molecules that can change protein expression and armor cells. He wants to look at all possible antigens, then add a secondary antibody with a fluorophore tag and counterstain the nucleus with a nuclear dye named DAPI & Image. Instagram: Mister_Kemist