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The SciCommunity

The SciCommunity

Why we #Scicomm

By: Michelle Scire and Dan Kennedy


The SciCommunity has given me life in a way. I was really lost in life and completely unsure what my “passion” was, what the heck was I suppose to do for the rest of my life as a career? That question is terrifying isn’t it? As I contemplated this, I was introduced to Scicomm on Instagram and things started to get a whole lot more interesting. I always loved science, but had no one to really share it with and I had no idea I wanted to share it in the first place. The fact that I found out I enjoy writing and communicating science on social media is a complete accident. Through Instagram I have been able to mesh a little creativity, a little me, and a boat load of SCIENCE. On my social media accounts and this website I can by 100% authentically me, and I like to be inappropriate and unprofessional by classic standards (I like to cuss, ALOT). I can talk in my voice, about what I want, how I want, and people have really responded to that and it's been amazing. Shortly after I shifted my Instagram to being 95% science based, Dan or @Dan_The_Bio_Man on Instagram, contacted me and asked if I wanted to be apart of this vision of scientists coming together from all over the world to build a community. This is exactly what I wanted to create with my platform, but Dan! Dans idea execution was so much better and I was so honored to be asked. 


Our page is closing in on 10k followers, LINK-ABILITY BABY, we’re so close. We have about 120 members that are meeting and collaborating all over the world to bring science to everyone in their own fun, fresh way. Besides our Instagram, we have a member funded website being built that looks tremendous, as well as a YouTube channel. Right now we have 1 show out now called “Fresh Pressed Science” where two amazing scientists Susanna Harris (@susannalharris) and Gabi Marks (@gserratomarks) break down a research paper on a subject they know nothing about. It's been a very fun series that has been airing on Thursdays at 5:30pm PST and 8:30pm EST. The SciCommunity has 5 more shows in production and we couldn’t be more excited. We are aiming to take our content to the next level and give you QUALITY EDUTAINMENT on a consistent and predictable schedule. 




Straight from Dan the Mans’s mouth!!!

“We want to make science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics accessible to everyone on this planet. We believe that by doing so, we can give people the tools they need to better understand the world around them and encourage self-improvement through learning. The Scicommunity is focused on shattering the misconception that the sciences are boring or too overwhelming to understand. We’ve all had that one teacher whose monotone voice was enough to put anyone asleep. We all know how treacherous having to read 100 pages of a textbook about a topic you don’t understand can be. We are a network of scientists and science communicators who are aware how daunting science can be to learn when not given the proper context and tools needed to fully appreciate and understand the information presented to them. Our goal is to revolutionize STEAM education by making it more personable, accessible, and fun. We want to shatter that outdated and false narrative that scientists are people in white lab coats doing experiments in secret and divulging their findings only to other scientists in their inner circles. 


Science is truly for everyone and we want to help even the biggest opponents of traditional education realize that learning does not have to be sleep inducing. It should be exciting and empowering. We as individuals have found various approaches to science communication and have come together to build upon and improve these techniques as well as to work towards finding new ways to help shine a spotlight on just how truly amazing learning can be. Learning is truly a two way street between teacher and student and we believe that the educator must always be willing to change in order to better accommodate the pupil. We believe that it is possible to teach anyone about anything regardless of the level of difficulty of the subject. The key is to find that common ground and existing interests of the student that can be used to connect the topic to what they already know and love. In order to incite change, we must provide as many people as possible with the knowledge needed to better understand the past and present so we can work towards a better future together.”



"The logo is a rendering of the latest accepted atomic schematic of carbon. The equilateral triangle represents the equilibrium established from the repulsion forces of the electron orbitals. It is these concepts that lead to the Scicommunity logo. This newly accepted concept and subsequent dismissal of the old atomic structure represents a willingness to change when presented with new information.

The Scicommunity believes in constant evolution and change when presented with new ideas and will grow accordingly, just as the idea of atom has changed.

Other elements such as oxygen, contain atomic constituents which behave in a more circular path, but carbon establishes equilibrium in an equilateral triangle. This imaginary triangle of carbon represents the element’s impressive stability and shows how numerous carbon atoms can come together to create a diamond.

This is a perfect analogy of the Scicommunity, as we are balanced and equal. It is our strong foundation that allows us to come together, and with each new member, we become more stable. With enough of us coming together, we can create something truly special."


THANKS DAN for explaining the tremendous thought behind our logo!





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It Hasn't Been Easy!

It Hasn't Been Easy!

Why I SciComm!

Why I SciComm!