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Why I SciComm!

Why I SciComm!

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Why do I do #SciComm

NUMBER ONE REASON, because I LOVE SCIENCE! Like seriously. I am always telling my friends and fam the amazing new science research that is going on or a fun fact about science and I thought WHY not share to a larger audience my passion? In doing this something I never thought could happen, happened! I fell even more in love with science. I started thinking graduate school was more plausible who cares if I wouldn’t start until age 30. I began to see doors open up like, maybe ill start a website and start writing articles of my own, build a writing profile and maybe after my PhD I can write about science in @sciencemagazine I even emailed the editor about ways I can start down that path (no response).


NUMBER TWO REASON Since February 2017, when I aimed my Instagram towards #Scicomm, I have a website where I blog about personal stuff and create my own scientific articles about groovy science topics that grab my attention. From my Instagram and website I have gotten science writing opportunities (my dream), I met the most diverse spectacular humans so willing to help and teach through our @thescicommunity. I have had people message me thanking me for inspiring them to go back to school themselves or shift careers because they never thought science could be so much fun until they came across my account. Through scicomm, I have been a more avid learner. I look forward to learning new science when developing posts, I love creating stupid songs about science and jokes that will keep people interested. I love the messages and love I get from the community it gives me a better quality of LIFE!


NUMBER THREE REASON Because it is fucking important to reach outside your echo chamber. Its important to engage and inform the greater population because science is all around us. We are all voters and a lot of policy is surrounded by science. The more informed population we have, the more informed voters we have, maybe together we can sway those #flatearthers after all. 


I have heard some scicommers are getting crap for selfie -ing and I am like wtf? Let me give whom ever likes to judge, a little insight. I am only speaking from my personal experience, so this is anecdotal at best, but that may help shed some light on this subject. When I look at the analytics of my photos on Instagram, the photos that do the very best, the ones that get the most likes and science engagements? Are ones where I am in them. Now if you are crude and aren't familiar with my account, you may say I use my secondary sexual characteristics to entice the population of men that would find me attractive and that diminishes the science, but if you know my Instagram, you know my photos are anything but sex appeal and more about fully clothed funny faced me, which unless your sex forte is funny faces would suggest this is not why I have the most engagement on these photos. I also have a 51% to 49% Male to female ratio. If the gender percentages translate into engagement stats per photo, then this would also suggest this is not why I get the most engagement off selfies.


My theory? Funny faces are funny. lol But also its personable. Say its just a normal selfie, you smiling in a science environment (lab, in the field), there is a kind of human connection there. A person sees you science-ing it up and they are like, "ohhhh I have only seen a lab or that animal/thing on TV and this real, more accessible person is sitting in a lab, I wonder what they are doing?" Maybe they start reading your amazing caption where you are explaining some bitchin science in a digestible way, a way they don't remember science being in school, and now they follow you. Through your account they become more informed, more engaged, and they start seeking science outside you, thats the goal! Thats amazing. Making science accessible and exciting for a larger population. Changing the preconceived notions and shattering assumptions. Science is Rad, we want to share that with the world, why stop us? 



Do you Scicomm? Why?

 Photo by solarseven/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by solarseven/iStock / Getty Images


So a SHOUTOUT to the three people that I looked up to before I started

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